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Modern slavery & the reduction of compliance rates in construction.

The risk of modern slavery is present in the construction sector, just as it is in other industries and organisations that have supply chains that are both complicated and global in scope. Human trafficking, forced labor, and other kinds of contemporary slavery continue to affect the lives of millions of people all over the world. […]

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Demolition robots

Demolition robots powered by electricity: A more secure way to take down buildings?

By KEP Services where you can buy Cat parts Deconstruction is a dirty, dangerous, and lengthy process. This is an essential and obligatory task. How can demolition sites be made safe for construction workers? Get them the hell outa there! Making use of robots for destructive purposes is becoming increasingly common recently. Demolition obviously includes […]

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cat excavators

What Are The Best Uses For Excavators?

It is almost certain you will find at least an excavator in every construction or landscaping project site you check. Yes, they are that popular. The popularity of the excavator is due to its versatility. Excavators are ideal for digging, earthmoving, and a few more site activities. Structurally, an excavator comprises a boom, dipper or […]

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aftermarket cat parts uk

The Best Construction Equipment On The Market

To date, Cat® has an incredible reputation for providing some of the very best equipment on the planet. This equipment has the reputation for being known as a workhorse. The facts about Cat are backed by longevity and unsurpassed performance. Caterpillar has been manufacturing and delivering its heavy-duty machines to construction sites as well as […]

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caterpillar trucks


ENGAGE IN PREVENTIVE MAINTENANCE A regular service and maintenance plan, performed before anything breaks or goes wrong, is probably the best tool you can use. At the same time, you look for methods to lower equipment running expenses. Many technologies covered here use electronic warnings to urge suggested services, eliminating guessing from the equation. LEAVE […]

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