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Caterpillar traces its origin back on the day the wheels came off that is during Thanksgiving Day of 1904 whereby Benjamin Holt invented the first successful commercial tract-type and replaced the rear wheels from Holt tractor. Caterpillar is an American fortune 100 corporation that develops, manufactures, engines, designs and insurance to customers. Its the world`s largest construction-equipment manufacturer. During World War I, Benjamin Holt caterpillar-style tractors to Europe to help in construction and agricultural needs. The military saw the resilience and potential in caterpillar and new option became apparent. When it comes to construction equipment, the big yellow Cat wins it. Therefore, we will look at some of the most popular caterpillar equipment and their safety precautions.


Bulldozers shortened as dozers are heavy machines equipped with a large metal plate used for grading, clearing and pushing large quantities of materials such as construction debris, soil and rubble. Dozers are broken down into various categories separated by HP whereby we have medium, large, small and waste Handling. We have a range of 74HP up to 850 HP which provides better selection of machines to fit anything from construction to civil construction grading, mining and clearing. There are various disparities between dozer models,engine power, operating weight, attachment capability and engine emissions which helps in making right decision when selecting best machines that suits various needs. Although there are dozens of dozers the most trendy are the large dozers such as D8T and D6T. D8T packs a tier 4 engine, 354 HP and has an operating weight of 39750kg while D6T being the mid-range dozer has a 215HP of power, Tier 4 engine and has an operating weight of 21382kg.

Wheel Loaders

Loaders are so widely employed on many construction sites and with that regard there are different designs available depending the choice of loading capacity, horsepower and even size. For example, backhoe loader which are versatile earth movers and the popular backhoes are:430F2,450 backhoe and 450F backhoe loader. Trusty wheel loader can scoop dump soil, rubble, dirt and other materials across industries and worksite.We have large, small, medium and compact categories of loaders.


If you need to lift heavy amount of soil, an excavator is a must on your job site. There are 40 excavator models available from Cat. They are the most known vehicles that feature a arm, bucket, rotating cab and movable tracks. All these components allows this heavy equipment equipment to carry out a variety of functions that is from digging trenches and breaking holes to lifting away waste and excavating mines. Excavators are applied in road construction,mining and demolitions.We have a category of excavators performing different functions that is: (Mini1-10t,Small 11-18t, Medium 20-35t and Large 36-90t) whereby the smaller machines handles drilling and digging function whereas larger excavators deals with heavy duty projects .


Skidsteer loaders are synonymous with the brand Bobcat but they also known as compact wheel loaders or compact track loaders. No matter what your project is, you can find the most efficient skid steer for you. It is a type of heavy equipment available with a track or wheels with two lifting arms on each side which gives it a great lifting capacity. This piece of equipment is capable of carrying out many different jobs such as digging, lifting, dozing, grading and transporting materials around site. Skidsteer is regarded as the most versatile machine as it has 22 possible attachments for its compatibility. They include:trenchers,snow plows, forks, augers, blades, brush cutters, mulchers and even saws.


While not construction machinery, Cat does not make different kinds of lift trucks, including the well- known GP25N. Forklifts are best used in unloading pallets of blocks,construction equipment and material. Forklift consists of variety of components required to handle the task effectively. From Truck Frame, power source to counterweight which are essential for the forklift to function efficiently.

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Although we may have appropriate machines in the industry we must consider their safety. Safety basically refers to protection from danger and involves constantly being on alert while on the work site while working with all types of machinery. Special precaution should be taken especially when working with heavy machinery such as caterpillar equipment. The following are some safety precautions that need to be followed when handling caterpillar equipment:

Performance of daily assessments
All machines are prone to error especially after some degree of usage caterpillar equipment are no different. It is thus necessary that daily routine check-ups are done. The check-ups should include inspection of fluids, tires and batteries. The equipment should also be started up to allow the engine to reach optimal temperature to observe if the hydraulics are working to their prime. At the end of a working shift the operator should also ensure the caterpillar equipment is turned off before leaving.

Pay special attention to communication
Caterpillar equipment can be noisy and this may bring about a lack of focus by workers at a job site and increase the risk of an accident. Making a habit of communicating all activities being undertaken at a job site is very useful in avoiding hazards and increasing efficiency in the work place. Headsets and wireless devices come in especially handy for site workers to help keep open communication while working. As part of communication each shift should also begin with a brief refresher on the safety standards to be maintained during the working period.

Setting up a working radius
Whenever working with caterpillar equipment it is pertinent that the area where work is taking place have a barrier. The barrier in place is to keep away all workers not involved in the machinery operation. This helps avoid any kind of accidents especially such as swing accidents since the machine operator may not have full line view of the surroundings at all times.

Protective wear
When using caterpillar equipment it is very key that both machine operators and non-operators have protective wear on at all time while on site. Protective wear range from helmets to prevent head injury from objects falling from a height to reflective jackets for ground workers to allow the caterpillar equipment worker see them from a distance especially in low light conditions.

Even after following all the above precautions when using a caterpillar equipment anything could go wrong at any time and thus the need to always be on the alert and on the look-out.

Caterpillar are therefore the best machines to recommend in building industries continues to produce and develop leading products including motor graders. Cat motor graders are known across the globe for their world-class cab features and controls and advanced electronics and hydraulics.

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