cat truck spares springs

Choosing the right Trailer Springs and Truck Springs

Your trailer or truck suspension system is literally incomplete without the springs. With truck springs of excellent quality, you can reduce the level of burden your truck, cargo, and back bear. It is even more important if you embark on long trips frequently.

Helper Springs

Helper springs are specially designed to improve your truck’s load capacity. Usually mounted above the already present leaf springs, the efficiency of these springs offers extra support to your spring system. You can get your load capacity up to 3,500 pounds with an excellent set of Hellwig helper springs and other good springs. If you do not always have cargo, it is best you settle for adjustable helper springs, to regulate the effect.

Leaf Springs

As part of your regular suspension system, it is essential to check your truck’s or trailer’s leaf springs regularly. With this integrated into your usual maintenance routine, it will be easy to detect any underperformance by the suspension system caused by leaf springs. Leaf springs are of different types; consult your aftermarket cat parts dealer on the best types for your trailer or truck.

Utility Springs

Utility springs are a type of leaf spring and are ideal for maintaining your utility or boat trailer’s suspension system. They are of two types – eye trailer springs and slipper-style trailer springs, and they work best for cargo management. You will find various sub-types of these two styles, depending on which suits your load capacity best.

You will most likely have no difficulties in differentiating between the different trailer springs and truck springs. However, going for the best among the lot may require the advice of an expert. For best results, always consult an experienced and versatile aftermarket parts dealer that deals with all (or most) styles and brands.