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For many construction firms, there comes a point at which there is a need to undertake multiple projects concurrently. For smaller firms, this is often a signal that the business has built a solid reputation for delivering to timescales, budget, and quality and is indicative of a successful construction business that is enjoying growth. However, there are numerous challenges that come with undertaking multiple projects at the same time. Logistics and equipment issues need to be planned for and resolved when supply chain problems occur. In addition, there is a need to have an accurate projection of when each stage of a project will be completed. This is vital for any construction firm as additional time spent on projects generally comes with extra costs and may impact on the overall project budget. In this article, some key considerations will be explored that can help construction firms of all sizes effectively manage multiple projects at different sites.

Project management software

In the modern construction industry, digital technology is becoming increasingly utilized to provide a detailed overview of building projects. Today, it is likely that construction firms will use a range of project management platforms to assist with planning and budgetary needs. These can be programmed to give a flow chart overview of each sub-task in a construction project and how this links into the overall job. Costings and timescales can be added, which allows a realistic projection of the total construction costs. This software is easily able to run multiple projects at once and can analyze this data to provide revenue and profit calculations over the trading period. You can find details of some of the best project management platforms that are suitable for the construction industry.

Consider shipping key equipment between sites 

When your construction firm is operating across several sites, there may be occasions when key pieces of construction equipment and specialist tools need to be moved between locations. It is not always efficient to drive these tools and equipment between locations with one of your workers, as this may result in time being lost on specific tasks and delays in the overall progress of the project. In some circumstances, it can be far more beneficial and cost-effective to use a dedicated shipping firm to transport the goods. Visit the website to find out more about freight shipping services. This type of shipping can be the ideal way to transport heavy or bulky goods. In addition, it may also be a more cost-effective way to ship construction equipment than with other courier services. Typically, freight shipping will use larger vehicles to transport pallets of goods and can offer customers extremely competitive prices.

Make safety a priority

If you are overseeing work that is taking place at multiple sites, it can be difficult to get an accurate picture of how safely each task is being undertaken. You may not be physically present to see all the tasks and you will need to rely on senior site staff to ensure that safe working is taking place. Ideally, you will wish to have health and safety staff at each site who can take steps to ensure that safety equipment is mandatory. In addition, the use of a health and safety reporting tool can allow you to monitor safety across sites and look for patterns in accidents and near-misses. This will help you to take remedial action and improve safety standards.

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