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The Top 5 Uses of Rock Trucks

Rock trucks are important pieces of equipment on construction sites. But are they suitable for all construction projects? Rock trucks are different because they can work on even the most challenging terrains. So, whether you are mining or running a quarry project or general construction works, they come in handy.   An article by KEP […]

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Operating An Excavator Safely On A Slope

Operating An Excavator On A Slope

You do not always get to run your excavator on a smooth, straight, and consistent terrain. Sometimes, you find yourself dealing with hills, holes, steep edges, or dirt piles on construction sites. Operating an excavator (on any other machine) in that situation can be a different experience. But not to worry, you can get some […]

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7 Tips To Prevent Equipment Failures and Malfunctions

There is no construction industry without the various heavy equipment used to execute complex and highly demanding tasks. There are two options when it comes to accessing construction equipment fleet: renting or outright purchase. Understandably, renting is more popular because it helps cut costs on these expensive pieces of equipment that are seldom used. Whether […]

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