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Rock trucks are important pieces of equipment on construction sites. But are they suitable for all construction projects? Rock trucks are different because they can work on even the most challenging terrains. So, whether you are mining or running a quarry project or general construction works, they come in handy.


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A rock truck or articulated dump truck (ADT) or articulating hauler or dump hauler refers to a machine used for construction projects involving uneven terrains. What distinguishes the rock truck is the chassis, the front cab, and the back dump – the two separate parts responsible for the sheer power of the trucks.

Components of a Rock Truck

The front cab is where you have the controls, and the back helps in hauling materials, transporting debris, and dumping. There is also rear and front suspension that helps to stabilize the load, ensuring smoother rides.

The front axels deliver the load stabilization by controlling the extent of sideways movement. It is a safety feature considering it prevents roll-over. It also prevents losing the load – a must-have feature for trucks running on different terrains. This true off-road dumping truck has an in-built stabilization and all-wheel drive.

Popular makers of rock trucks include John Deere, Terex, and Caterpillar.

Which Rock Truck Is Right For Your Project?

Rock trucks are specialized, but they fit into more construction projects than you think. You can have them on your projects when dealing with extreme or uneven terrains. They are also helpful on worksites involving height constraints, tight turns, steep slopes, or slippery floors. You can move large amounts of materials over long distances using a rock truck.

You want to avoid running a rock truck on residential roads due to their size. Instead, use them for massive projects where you need to move materials within site.

Below is a list of five various projects you can use a rock truck for;

  1. Mining Projects

Mining projects almost always come with moving tons of dirt and mined materials from the mine to create a clear path. This is where rock trucks shine – they can move debris away from inside the mine.

The tight-space, uneven, rocky nature of mining site terrains can be difficult to deal with. However, thanks to its heavy-duty and compact design, the large debris and rocks can be easily moved using a rock truck.

The trucks are also easy to maneuver, making them a good fit for tight corners and the limited spaces on a mine.

  1. General Construction Projects

Rock trucks have found important applications on industrial and residential job sites. In most cases, they can be combined with an excavator to transport materials, move debris, or dig foundations.

A rock truck rental can make the work easier and faster in large commercial projects or land clearing projects. It assists the excavator in breaking large amounts of load and debris into the truck. The need for fewer loads boosts productivity and saves time.

  1. Quarry Projects

Quarries and rock trucks are inseparable. Sharp corners and tight spaces are regular features of quarry projects, similar to mining projects. You need a rock truck to maneuver the unexpected drops, rocky terrain, uneven ground, and steep inclines. This is due to its all-wheel-drive and two-part design.

Having a heavy-duty cab in the rock truck means it can move raw materials from and across quarries and to other locations. You can also use it to clean and move materials

  1. Handling of Bulk Materials

You can get a small dump truck to move larger loads efficiently. However, if you will be dealing with bulk materials, it is best to get an articulated dump truck.

Most construction activities are not easy. For instance, you have to break down the debris into various sizes, dimensions, and weights. Only a bigger dump truck can do these effectively.

With the bigger sizes of articulated dump trucks, they can do more work than the regular dump truck, including moving 25-50 tons of weight without any issues.

  1. Combination with Water Tanks

There are two parts of the rock truck – the dump part and the front cab. You can replace the dump part with a water tank. The combination comes in handy for spraying water into the air on-site to ease dust dispersal.

If you are doing construction projects in deserts in hot summer or on a dusty site after a long time without rain, having an artificial shower is very important. The spray down helps trap dust particles and limit how much dust other construction equipment is kicking up.

Effective spraying is another way to loosen up dry grounds. In addition, you are protecting construction workers from the adverse effects of construction site dusts with regular spraying.

Projects Where A Rock Truck Shines

We have established how handy a rock truck can be, especially on heavy-duty construction sites. It runs seamlessly on rough terrains, transports bulk materials across the site, and maneuvers in tight spaces to boost productivity.

While you can have your rock truck on many projects, they are best suited for sites where you want to move materials around or with limited spaces, for instance, a quarry or mine.

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