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To date, Cat® has an incredible reputation for providing some of the very best equipment on the planet. This equipment has the reputation for being known as a workhorse. The facts about Cat are backed by longevity and unsurpassed performance. Caterpillar has been manufacturing and delivering its heavy-duty machines to construction sites as well as for long-term road work. Let’s look at some of the best benefits you will get from Cat equipment.

8 Good Reasons You Need Cat Equipment For Your Projects

Some of the best reasons you need Cat for your projects go far beyond their performance and dependability.

1 – Sturdy Construction

Caterpillar makes only the best parts to guarantee they will stand up to the harshest conditions. They use only the highest-quality materials to last for many hours under grueling labor.  What sets Caterpillar machines apart from their competition, their reputation for delivering exceptional quality and long-lasting durability for the most punishing construction jobs.

When properly cared for, you can expect thousands of working hours from your Cat equipment. Keeping up with regular maintenance and using preventive measures will allow your machinery to work for many years to come.

2 – Exceptional Market Value

Most heavy equipment will lose value over time due to wear and tear as well as continual usage. You can expect a significant decrease in value when you decide you want to sell it. However, Caterpillar machinery holds up to its value beyond other products on the market.

The market value for used Cat products seems to remain stable so if you purchased used equipment, the value should still remain steady. When followed by proper maintenance and care, your new or used Cat machine will be well worth it and last for a long time vs other brands. The Caterpillar brand will ensure you get what you paid for!

3 – The Latest Technology

Construction sites know technology has become a very important part of safety and for completing projects in a timely manner. There are so many resources that are now available to increase productivity and safety in construction and agricultural projects.

Caterpillar Includes Some Of The Latest Technology:

  • Cat Command – Operators can now control the equipment from outside the machine. This incredible software can actually prevent injury when working in difficult conditions.
  • Cat Detect – Workers can use this technology to stay on top of obstacles in their surroundings. You can keep an eye out for other workers and prevent harmful contact with the machine.
  • Cat Payload – Operators and managers will know exactly what material will be loaded and when it will be loaded. They will know when it will be sent off and where it is heading. This program guarantees you will use your loaders and haulers to their fullest potential.

There is no end in sight, technology will keep improving and will  never stop moving forward. Safety and productivity will continually improve. Cat Technology is certainly enhancing the field of construction.

4 – From Years Of Experience

Caterpillar was founded over 100 years ago. The company immediately set the standard for tractors and construction equipment. Since then, company leaders have learned so much more about what works and what does not. Caterpillar has grown along with its customers and has gone out of its way to develop new products for hard workers who need to push the limits.

With their years in operation, they have been driven to innovation, needed changes, improved technology, and always looking to learn more every day. Caterpillar has partnerships with many industries and companies worldwide. They are constantly developing and refining their knowledge how construction equipment should work. The brand’s commitment is designing and building the world’s very best equipment which is evident in each one of its products.

5 – Reliable Rental Machines

Caterpillar dealers are great places for rental and used equipment. If you do not need equipment every day, you might want to rent machinery to finish your project without worrying about buying a new machine and going beyond your means. With many rental options, you can get high-quality equipment when you need it and then just return it when you don’t need it anymore or when your project is finished

Rental Options You Should Consider:

  • Possibly you want to test out equipment on your job site.
  • You only need a machine for a very short period of time.
  • You do not want to store equipment for a long period of time or permanently.

Get Quality Replacement Parts

When you buy a Caterpillar machine, finding a replacement part could not be easier. Aftermarket parts suppliers stock their replacement parts so you can easily find and order these parts when you need them or Instead of depending on a supplier, you can go directly to the source for your Cat parts.

You do not have to waste time hunting down the right parts. There are many great benefits to using the aftermarket cat parts option including:

  • Convenience You can place an order quickly for the parts you need and enjoy a user-friendly platform. You can store your information, view your past orders, and get order information all on the same website.
  • Knowledge When you go to a aftermarket Cat parts supplier you will find so much more than just parts. You will find people with great information to help you learn about your equipment and all the parts that go with it.
  • Support If you need help or have questions about the part you need, there will be someone you can contact at your local used Cat parts dealer for more information.

Large Selection Of Inventory

If you need a specific tool you can find it through one of the Caterpillar stores. They have models for everything from large construction jobs to landscaping or agriculture. Caterpillar is the industry leader and will be available to help you get the job done the right way.

Personalised Service

One of the best reasons to shop for your Cat heavy equipment is having access to the worldwide dealer network. If you have an aftermarket Cat parts dealer in your corner, you can easily get the help you need to find the perfect machinery for your purchase.

Even with reliable Cat equipment, heavy-duty machinery requires upkeep to ensure everything is operating correctly. You will find a team of experts at your local dealer to help you take care of your machine from the time you buy it. Whenever your equipment requires replacement parts or annual maintenance, you can count on the team at your local Cat dealer to give you the very best care.

Cat Parts

KEP Services in the North East UK are trusted suppliers of excellent quality aftermarket Cat® parts at very competitive prices.