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Social media has transitioned from being just a place to catch fun to an important business tool. That is why businesses in some industries and niches are joining and maximizing this interesting aspect of the internet. The construction industry is one of such industries, with more construction companies and equipment rental houses establishing their social media presence.

If you are still unconvinced about the potentials of social media for your construction company, this blog will change that perception. Read on to learn about how social media can help you as a professional or business owner in the construction industry.

  1. Stay updated and connected.

The construction industry is one of the most dynamic out there. Things are changing by the day. For instance, the pandemic led to the adoption of several new technological advancements – the most the industry has ever seen. There are so many developments that keeping up can be challenging.

But social media helps to bridge this gap. You can leverage your social media presence to keep track of new products, services, and technologies, alongside the brands offering them. Let’s start with LinkedIn – an excellent platform to connect with business leaders in the construction industry. There is also Instagram, where you can get visual information of products and promos from various companies. YouTube is also a visual platform, offering tons of video content like product introductions, reviews, and troubleshoots. Social media has you well-covered, irrespective of what you are looking for.

  1. Post and find jobs.

Social media can help with recruitment, both for individual contractors and construction companies. Construction companies can publicize their workplace culture and pride through their social media posts. Likewise, job seekers can position themselves through professional connections and engagements. So, social media can be an avenue to get a feel of what a company or potential employee has to offer.

As a hiring company, highlighting the progress and achievements of your present team can encourage new employees to apply. You can also post vacancies directly on your social media pages. If you are a job seeker, use your social media to highlight your skills and experience. LinkedIn is excellent for these purposes. Company leaders can offer expert opinions and insights on workplace topics, work-life balance, growth opportunities, and professional support on Instagram.

Both hiring companies and potential employees go to social media to research and get genuine and honest feedback about employees and employers.

  1. Share your projects and earn recognitions.

Contractors enjoy sharing their projects, both previous and current projects. There is no better way to get the word out to the right audience than social media. You can share pictures of finished projects or the machinery you have on-site. Doing that highlights your hard work and adds to your social currency.

The construction niche is quite active on social media, especially on Instagram and Pinterest. A quick search will show you several accounts that regularly post updates about their projects. If you put out great pictures, you can drive engagement and stay connected with your peers when they comment. It also exposes you to a bigger community of stakeholders in the construction industry.

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  1. Find and meet your potential clients.

This is another benefit of publicizing your projects – it gets you into the faces of potential customers. People often look out for convincing evidence before deciding to work with a contractor, which is exactly what your posts provide. In addition, they can easily get an insight into your past jobs, projects, and your team through your pictures.

Social media can be the first point of contact for your company with a customer. They learn that you exist and get to know how you can help them. You can expand your reach by using relevant hashtags and sharing stories about your brand and projects.

  1. Lookout for inspiration.

Being a construction professional can be uninteresting at times. Nobody absolutely enjoys doing the same thing over and over again. You may lose your spark sometimes. But not to worry, social media can help you stay inspired!

For instance, you can find tons of inspiring video content on YouTube, including projects, DIY experiments, product unveiling and reviews, and more. You can make these your source of inspiration and never run out of new and interesting ideas for your projects. For example, you can learn new and cool flooring finishes or how you can handle machinery better in unusual weather.

The possibilities are endless… Start your social media journey today!

Social media is here to stay. LinkedIn, YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, and others all provide excellent ways and tools to grow your construction career or business. So, you either join the train and leverage these platforms for your benefit or get left behind.

If you are just starting out and unsure who to follow, ask colleagues and friends who are already in the scene. Personal recommendations are a good way to start.

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