cat rock truck

The Top 5 Uses of Rock Trucks

Rock trucks are important pieces of equipment on construction sites. But are they suitable for all construction projects? Rock trucks are different because they can work on even the most challenging terrains. So, whether you are mining or running a quarry project or general construction works, they come in handy.   An article by KEP […]

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An Introduction To The Bulldozer

The dozer has many names – sometimes, it is called a crawler loader, but the proper term is a bulldozer. What makes the dozer so unique and common? Let’s find out together in this piece. The Bulldozer Explained. The dozer’s powerful demolition capabilities make it ideal for a wide range of applications in mining and […]

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big cat trucks

Roles of the Largest Cat Trucks & Dozers in Construction

Caterpillar heavy equipment is the go-to machinery for all types and sizes of jobs, irrespective of the industry. They are widely used in landscaping, materials handling, and paving industries. Other top sectors using the Cat heavy equipment and Caterpillar parts include the mining, agriculture, and heavy construction industries. Interestingly, almost all the biggest construction projects […]

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